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Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda: 2015 Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4
If you’re headed out for an ATV adventure or if you just have some tough chores to tackle, you need a utility ATV that’s strong enough to get the job done, but intelligent enough to make it all easy. Meet the all-new Honda FourTrax Rubicon TRX500FA. For strength, its powerhouse engine delivers massive torque. For smarts, its longitudinal layout and exclusive Hondamatic transmission makes intelligent use of the power and quick work of getting to the ground where it really matters. From the tightest mountain trails to rugged ranches and farms, the Honda FourTrax Rubicon TRX500FA has what it takes to do the heavy work for you.

And the best news: The 2015 Rubicon is better than ever, with new features and six models that share the same 500-class engine as the Honda fourTrax Foreman 4×4. Translation – it’s tough, proven and efficient. The utility quad now has two engine configurations, a 475cc semi-automatic manual transmission and also a 475cc automatic DCT with drive and low range. The automatic DCT gives riders the choice of auto or manual shift mode for seamless gear shifting. For casual riding, the FourTrax Rubicon TRX500FA will hold the gear shift longer for smooth more relaxed ride. And for more aggressive riding, the utility ATV shifts the engine sooner to keep the engine in the optimal RPM range. 

A first in the market, the 2015 Rubicon models also include a new Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) to give riders a smoother ride and greater traction over rocky terrain. Both front and rear suspension components on the utility quad were re-designed to achieve rigidity and strength. Honda’s revolutionary electric power steering coupled with torque and speed sensors automatically control for any environment or situation. For the new FourTrax Rubicon TRX500FA, Honda designed a more open feel ride position to give the utility ATV a full-size feel. With increased seat size and thickness along with raised handlebars, riders experience less vibration and a more capable utility ATV. The FourTrax Rubicon TRX500FA offers a low center of gravity, excellent maneuverability and the ability to carve tight technical trails. It’s everything riders want and need – all in one great utility machine.